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What is Risk Management?

Cyber Risk Management involves a combination of strategies and technologies to protect valuable data and information, including:

• Risk Identification

- Vulnerability Assessment

- Pen-testing

- Audits

• Risk Mitigation

- Vulnerability Remediation

- Incident Response

Education and Awareness

- Promoting Cyberaware Culture

- Employee Training

Our Risk Management Services

Risk Management is an ongoing process that is multi-faceted and fluid, encompassing a number of solutions and services that help our customers reduce cyber risk. Below are some of the key solutions that Tranix Team can deliver for a successful Risk Management program for you:

• Vulnerability Assessment:

Identify critical vulnerabilities and required remediation.

Penetration Testing:

Evaluate your security by attempting to exploit critical vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training:

Train employees so they become a security asset, not a liability.

Audit Compliance:

Meet regulatory requirements and improve security posture.

Virtual CISO:

Get on-demand cybersecurity leadership at a fraction of the cost of a CISO.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Everyone has critical vulnerabilities in their network that go undetected, giving cyber criminals the perfect opportunity to target your organization. With a Vulnerability Assessment from IGI, we’ll identify those critical vulnerabilities and provide an overview of the remediation needed. Since vulnerabilities are the cause of most cyber-attacks, there are a number of benefits of performing a Vulnerability Assessment:

• A comprehensive view of your network’s security health and other recommendations

• Clearly define existing vulnerabilities

• Patch and remediate to mitigate risks

• Lessen likelihood of security breaches and ransomware attacks

Why choose a Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability Assessments are the first step to achieving a strong security posture. By providing a baseline understanding of your current security status, you can better deploy other security measures and solutions. Organizations of every size in every industry can benefit from a Vulnerability Assessment to:

• Fingerprint every device in your network—physical, virtual, mobile, fixed, or IoT device— for a complete inventory

• Evaluate both your internal and external facing IPs and websites for a complete security picture to prioritize remediation

• Help meet compliance and audit requirements

Contact us to develop a Risk Management plan suited for the evolving,

complex threat landscape!

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