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Call Center & Workforce Management

Experience heightened efficiency with our top-tier Call Center and Workforce Management solutions, thoughtfully crafted to streamline the complexities of forecasting and scheduling across your business. In a market flooded with hundreds of options, let Tranix guide you to discover the best fit for your business.

Navigating the vast sea of technology options can be overwhelming, even for a dedicated team. Tranix, armed with its extensive portfolio and industry insights, offers a comprehensive view of available technologies. This assistance helps you explore options you might not have been aware of, ensuring informed decision-making.

Our integrated solutions seamlessly support omnichannel communication, optimization processes, and gamification. We have had the privilege of assisting companies across various industries with meticulous research, thoughtful design, seamless implementation, and tailored solutions. This spans a diverse array of businesses, including BPOs, corporate contact centers, branches, retail establishments, supply chain dispatch, and more, enabling them to elevate their operations calmly to the next level.


Optimize Customer Outcomes with an Optimal Workflows

Create a seamless process: route customer calls to the right agents, offer queue call-backs, and effortlessly switch between voice, video, SMS, and chat to cater to diverse customer needs. Simplify and enhance the customer experience with our versatile and responsive system.


Boost Performance with Instant Access to Data

Gain valuable insights into team productivity and customer satisfaction effortlessly. Access call analytics, including total talk time and wait time, to understand performance better. Tailor dashboards by agent or team for personalized monitoring. Identify performance patterns and trends that empower you to make improvements and enhance overall efficiency.


Simplify Contact Center Management Effortlessly

Manage your contact center hassle-free by streamlining administration tasks. Configure call flows effortlessly, assign access permissions, and make changes seamlessly within a single, streamlined admin portal. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to simplified contact center maintenance!

Call Center Features 
Are you in search of a next-gen CX platform that provides real-time data, minimizes customer effort, enhances agent effectiveness, and fuels revenue growth?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call Recording 
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 
CRM Integration 
Call Whispering & Live Coaching 
Call Center Analytics & Reporting 
Automatic Call Distribution 
Call Monitoring 
AI & EI 
Omnichannel Support
Mobile Apps 
Sentiment Analytics 
Speedy Deployment


Our vendors offer leading desk phone brands so your hardware is perfectly suited to your needs. Plus, the necessary integrations to support your business.

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