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Our vendors offer leading desk phone brands so your hardware is perfectly suited to your needs. Plus, the necessary integrations to support your business.

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Hotline Consultant

Contact Center & Workforce Management 

Improve Customer Experience CX 

Our world-class Call Center and Workforce Management solutions incorporate all that you need to optimize the complexities of forecasting and scheduling across your business. Our complete solution (on-premise or hosted in the cloud) supports omnichannel, optimization, gamification,  for  BPOs, corporate contact centers, branches, and retail customers looking to develop their business to the next level.

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Call Center Features 
Looking for real-time data with a next-gen CX platform that reduces customer effort, increases agent effectiveness, and drives revenue growth? 

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call Recording 
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) 
CRM Integration 
Call Whispering & Live Coaching 
Call Center Analytics & Reporting 
Automatic Call Distribution 
Call Monitoring 
AI & EI 
Omnichannel Support
Mobile Apps 
Sentiment Analytics 
Speedy Deployment

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